Men That Do Sex With Cars

Yup, Mechanophilia is real. There are men who’d rather rub themselves against a velour car seat, than enjoy the company of a lovely lady.

This is from the Channel Five documentary ‘Strange Love – My Car Is My Lover’.

Too good to heavily cut down for a regular episode. It’s a Palm Off ‘Shit On Telly’ special.

Lindsay Lohan loves celebrity Knobspotting! Episode 3

Admiral Ackbar look-a-like Nigel Farage visits Kentgrad. Yoko Ono tests her fans love. Lindsay Lohan takes up celebrity Knobspotting. Being subjected to My Strange Addiction, I feedback that on to you. Essex boy tries to get himself beaten up. Teacher Sellotapes up her class’ faces. And little homage to good man Tony Benn.