Gone To The Dogs – Palm Off #15

In the UK animal bestiality has been very much confined to history and comedy. Until recently not unless you live elsewhere on the continent, or certain parts of the US. But some states today still allow you to gain your ‘Buffalo wings’.

Civilised world? Sometimes we’re made to wonder.

That VW Emissions Scandal – The Palm Off #14

This one’s turned into a bit of a history lesson, sorry about that. Not intensional. But as stupid as Volkswagen have been, it’s all turned out quite rosy for the American’s. ‘Those pesky europeans with their better cars – what a great way to get people to ours again …PT Cruiser anyone?’

Who Do I Vote For In The Election? – Palm Off Special

It’s a boring subject I’m afraid, but one that everyone should make themselves an expert in. …it doesn’t take long.

Don’t think that you won’t make any difference in the polls – you can!

== Correction – Russell Brand is no longer a tit ==

Leaving the general election to others with half a brain cell, result in the snotty-nosed and even those with racist views given more power.

A government not in touch with your views will your life harder and more expensive.

Yes, politicians can lie – but the more that vote, makes them more accountable for their actions.

So if you do a little research on which party, you’ll quickly learn which party matches your way of thinking.


Fruit Sex, Robot Love and Porn – Episode 10

A schoolboy beds two teachers, at once – sadly for them he just can’t keep quiet about it.

Need to get more fruit into your sex life? Angel shows you how to get 1 of your 5 a day.

2 out of 3 of you would have sex with a robot. Just think of the A&E cases.

Concerned that condoms just don’t offer enough belly button protection during sex?

And a theatre delivers a performance, worthy of an ovation of sorts.