Can Seth Rogan ‘Cure’ Homosexuality? Episode 2

Ryanair want to fly you to New Work for under £10 – They’ll have you wishing you didn’t. Ridiculous iPhone app suggests you can Prey Away The Gay. Seth Rogan gets a taste for Politics, only to find it’s sour. The Voice takes television air away from more worthy shows. The sun sets on Daybreak. People of Birmingham rejoice in new brummie star.

Penny pinching Rihanna loves WhatsApp! Episode 1

Is WhatsApp is really worth $19bn, Britney Spears is upsetting everyone, Rihanna penny pinching, politicians reaction to the UK floods, some lads infatuation with his girlfriends dog, chickens made to walk like dinosaurs, bad adverts and bad television. It’s The Palm Off. The first episode of our satirical news show.