Who is Josie Cunningham?

Josie, Josie, Josie, where do we start?

This lovely girl from Leeds, who will do anything, say anything to get noticed, get on television, get paid.

Without training, skills, intelligence or fashionable look, she believes she’s owed a living. For Josie the NHS is there for the taking, her men aren’t life choices, but potential content for a story to sell.

Babies, Footballers, Xmas Cards and Breast Milk. Go lap it up!

95% of us love pornography! Episode 08

So which is your favourite? Debbie Does Dallas or Emmanuel?

But woah! Dave doesn’t want you watching porn. Will somebody think of the children!

Some Cornish bloke doesn’t need a computer to get his rocks off.

The Swedish Police have a new weapon in the fight against Hooliganism.

And apparently the Greek’s still love the Minstrels.

Men That Do Sex With Cars

Yup, Mechanophilia is real. There are men who’d rather rub themselves against a velour car seat, than enjoy the company of a lovely lady.

This is from the Channel Five documentary ‘Strange Love – My Car Is My Lover’.

Too good to heavily cut down for a regular episode. It’s a Palm Off ‘Shit On Telly’ special.

Big Brother, Babies, Bad Music and Dogging! Episode 5

Josie Cunningham, the one with the free boobs reminds us why she’s vile. Big Brother hint how bad the Celebrities will be this summer. Some baby has to go on the run after Pakistan authorities believe he tried to kill some policemen. Some family wish they never uploaded there home-made music video. And some doggers show us that love Linx, Joop and KFC.

What the Truck is a ‘Conscious Uncoupling’? Episode 04

Little Mix attempt a Jamaican accent. I review Euro Truck Simulator 2, complete with all the trimmings.

P Diddy, Puff Daddy, Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Martin, conscious uncoupling, Sol Campbell, Noel Edmonds, BBC, Gay Marriage and Fred Phelps.

Extreme Couponing shows how to shop for the food you don’t want, and toilet paper.

And George Osborne annoys the nation with his budget, and then next week everyone forgets.